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How is Urea Formed and Excreted?

One of my students asked me recently if ammonia was a breakdown product of bile. ​I was very confused. Then I realized that she had been listening to a lecture on the various roles of the liver and had gotten a few things mixed up. ​What she really meant was, “What’s going on with ammonia, how is […]

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How Does Conjugated Bilirubin Enter the Blood?

This is a great question. If bilirubin is normally conjugated in the liver’s hepatocytes and excreted via the bile, how does it get back in the blood when bile flow is obstructed? Check out this short video to find out. ​ Resources & Other Fun Reading Can’t get enough? Check these out. ​How Does Conjugated Bilirubin Appear […]

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Liver Enzymes: Avoiding Confusion

Superior view of the liver. From Gray’s Anatomy, 1918. So what does it mean when someone’s “liver enzymes” are elevated? Part of the confusion comes from language that’s not specific. Enzymes drive virtually everything that happens in the body, and there are hundreds (thousands?) of different enzymes in the liver alone. ​ So which enzymes are […]

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