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Live webinars are fun, interactive and provide plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We keep the costs low and the fun level high. Can't make it? The recordings are available immediately after the events end. If you sign up in advance, you can ask questions before the event starts. I'll be sure to answer them for you, whether you're able to attend the event live or not! Sliding scale: $10-20 

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Probiotics + Vaginas Training

$10-15 sliding scale

postpartum thyroid webinar

Postpartum Thyroid Nitty Gritty Webinar

April 28th, 7 pm ET

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Online courses

Physiology Refresher Course

Need to refresh your memory? Interested in what's new? This 8-week online class is for you. Coming Soon! 

Women's Health Intensive Study

A small-group course designed for practitioners who want to take a deep-dive into the physiology related to common conditions related to the female reproductive system. Forming soon if enough interest. 

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