Free online physiology courses (MOOC)

Y'all have heard of massive open online courses (MOOCs), right? They're open-access & (generally) high-quality courses from some pretty fancy institutions. See below for a bunch of free online physiology courses starting soon.

I love signing up for these - in fact, I'm signed up for four from the list below :). I'm not so hot when it comes to following through, though. They seem to slip through the cracks when things get busy...Sound familiar? But hey, you can't beat the price!

Have you taken any that you enjoyed? 

Physiology-Related MOOCs

Know of any others coming up? Please comment below or send me a message, and I'll add to the list!

Thanks for sharing!
Camille Freeman

Hi there. I'm the hippie who started Physiology for Hippies. I'm an associate professor at MUIH, where I teach physiology to students in the herbal medicine, nutrition and yoga therapy programs. I have two small children, an overgrown garden + an endless appreciation for the human body.