Physiology Podcasts for Kids

​Kids love learning about the human body, and there are so many excellent ways for them to do that. Mine have always enjoyed looking through my college-level textbooks, weirdly. We also enjoy listening to podcasts in the car, so I've started compiling a list of episodes that relate to physiology.

​My kids are relatively young, so most of these appeal to kids in the 5-9 age range (maybe older? Haven't gotten there yet!).

I'm too lazy to link to each individual episode, so if there's one you'd like to check out you can navigate to the show's page and search for the episode. I recommend subscribing to all of these, as they are excellent even when not covering physiology topics. ​

If you know of others that I should include, please let me know in the comments!

Respiratory system

  • Brains On!
    • Your booger questions, answered

Special Senses

  • Imagine This
    • Why do tears come out of our eyes when we cry?
  • Brains On!
    • Dogs – What’s the secret to their sense of smell?
    • Why does the sun make some people sneeze?
    • For crying out loud: all about tears
  • Wow in the World!
    • Hey Onion! You’re Makin’ me Cry!
    • Totally Spiced Out!
    • EAR YE! EAR YE! How the Shape of our Ears Affects the Way We Hear


  • Imagine This
    • Do animals sleep like people?
  • Brains On! 
    • Sleeping
    • The tick-tock of our circadian clocks and Circadian Rhythm, part 2
  • But Why?
    • Why do we need to sleep?
    • Why do people dream?
  • Tumble
    • The Sleep Camp Experiment

Immune System

  • The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast: 
    • S1E7: Germs and
    • S2E3: Getting Hurt & Getting Better
  • Brains On!
    • How do you catch a cold?
    • Healing skin and regrowing limbs
    • Allergy attack: How our bodies can overreact
  • Wow in the World!
    • Ladies and Germs, Meet the Supervillain Superbugs!
  • Tumble
    • The Sign of the Ninja Virus with Jasdave Chahal and Omar Khan

Digestive System

  • Brains On!
    • Fart smarts: Understanding the gas we pass
  • But Why?
    • Why do we like to eat certain foods?
  • Tumble
    • The Science of Poop with Mary Roach

Nervous System

  • Brains On!
    • The nerve! Electricity in our bodies
  • Wow in the World!
    • Brain Freeze!
    • Chill Out(side)!
    • If You’re Happy and you Know It…
    • Somefin Smells Fishy in Here! (How Fish Oil Makes us Smarter)
  • Tumble
    • The Case of the Missing Brains with Dr. Rachel Berman
    • The Mystery of When Brains and Sports Collide with Kiki Sanford
    • ​The Magic Memory Molecule


  • Brains on!
    • Tickle time – why does tickling make you laugh?
    • The how’s  and why’s of hair
    • Body bonanza: Yawns, hiccups, goosebumps and more!
    • Sunburns: The why behind the ouch (and how to avoid them)
    • What is Down Syndrome?
  • But Why?
    • Are Yawns really contagious?
    • Why do people die? Questions about death.
  • Wow in the World!
    • ​Homegrown Genome

Reproductive system

  • But Why?
    • How are babies made?

Circulatory System:

  • But Why?
    • How does your heart work?
    • Heterotaxy and Hearts

Musculoskeletal System

  • Wow in the World!
    • Oh Knuck-Crackers! The Science of Poppin’ Knuckles
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Hi there. I'm the hippie who started Physiology for Hippies. I'm an associate professor at MUIH, where I teach physiology to students in the herbal medicine, nutrition and yoga therapy programs. I have two small children, an overgrown garden + an endless appreciation for the human body.