Postpartum Thyroid Nitty Gritty Webinar

Do thyroid hormones seem murky and confusing to you? Are you wondering about postpartum disruption of thyroid function, what's normal and expected and what's ...not so much? This webinar is for you! We'll look at how thyroid function can change after birth, and discuss strategies for getting things back on track.

Please feel free to post your questions in Crowdcast before the webinar starts. If you can't attend live, I'll make sure to answer them.

Can't attend live?

No problem! You can access the recording at any point after you register... even if you sign up after the event has happened. 

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Camille Freeman

Hi there. I'm the hippie who started Physiology for Hippies. I'm an associate professor at MUIH, where I teach physiology to students in the herbal medicine, nutrition and yoga therapy programs. I have two small children, an overgrown garden + an endless appreciation for the human body.